RLPack 是可執行檔案的壓縮工具,內建兩種壓縮演算法可自由選擇。若要進行程式檔壓縮,請按下 [瀏覽] 載入檔案,或將要壓縮的程式檔拖曳到視窗內再按下 [壓縮] 即可。

RLPack Basic Edition - 1.21

+ Fixed issue with icon packing on some files
+ Fixed issue with packing DLL files with no EP
+ Fixed issue with resource packing on so! me non standard files
+ Improved resource compression and main icon determination
+ Improved compression ratio by optimizing resource stripping
+ Added support loading all dependent modules statically with Windows loader
+ Added command line packing support
+ Updated help system

RLPack 1.21 - 執行檔壓縮工具 相關文章