支援最大 10GB 免費空間,保存時間無上限 支援最大 10GB 免費空間,保存時間無上限

之前分享過 Wetransfer 免費空間分享檔案,但檔案最大限制 2 GB,今天另一款免費空間檔案分享 最大支援 10 GB,而且檔案保留無期限,據官方說明只要官網還在,檔案應該都還在,進步需要登入及註冊,就可以直接使用, 線上免費空間還可以幫檔案附上密碼,這麼棒的工具趕緊加入書籤,分享各種影片的時候很容易派上用場! 免空檔案上傳: 教學

△ 進入網站後,直接把檔案拖移進去深藍色框框。 免費空間

△ 拖移進去後,檔案立刻開始上傳。 免費空間檔案分享

△ 上傳完成,白色框框裡的連結直接複製起來分享給朋友就可以囉!想幫檔案加上密碼保護的話,點擊上面的 Password Protect。 免費上傳檔案

△ 輸入密碼後,點擊 Set 就完成加密囉,記得把密碼告訴朋友,不然就打不開啦~


△ 官方 的資訊,可以快速分享檔案、跨平台分享、檔案隱私和安全性高、直覺的操作無須登入...

比起 Wetransfer 硬是多了 8 GB 的容量可以上傳,而且檔案保留期限跟一般的免空一樣,直到檔案連結掛點為止都還在,官方說明是 As long as possible,短時間內是不會太快消失才對,但如果想讓檔案在一定的時間內失效也是可以設定的,免費的服務,簡潔的介面,又沒有其他的怪怪廣告,這麼優質的網站不收編太可惜啦! 免空檔案上傳:

nofileio 免費空間

nofileio 免費空間 相關文章


The File Is Hosted Here: Https://nofil...

If there's skepticism about the link, I've provided the formatting that the fields appear in the file, so you technically don't need the file in order to write the script. Show transcribed image text Description. In this assignment, you are re

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Fix portable build · MetacoSA/NBitcoin@a8f4e4d · GitHub

Fix portable build Loading branch information... 1 parent acc373b commit a8f4e4df53129dc24b13380d91ac2a40a0556445 NicolasDorier committed Jul 6, 2015 Unified Split Showing 6 changed files ...


NOFILeio disables tracing for file I/O processing. FLOw enables tracing for entering/exiting NFS functions. The process ids and thread ids are also shown. NOFLOw disables tracing for entering/exiting NFS functions. MOUnt enables tracing for mount requests


Duktape: Including a large .o causes a fault in TockOS on the Hail Showing 1-3 of 3 messages Duktape: Including a large .o causes a fault in TockOS ...

new Spotify / Wwe / Netflix - Show Off

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Issue with Unichar data memmove

Hi Guys, I am facing problem in Unichar data move.I am expalainning the issue below in details. int16 CTextHandler::TestImportBuf(uchar *textStrP, int32 *bytesP) { if (*bytesP > (gTotalCount - gImportCount)) { *bytesP = gTotalCount - gImportCount;} if

GitHub - BradGreig/21CMMC_NoFileIO

21CMMC_NoFileIO - A more advanced (but slower) version of 21CMMC ... Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Simple File Hosting works on nearly all browsers. No Javascript is required for regular downloads. Encryption Protect Your Files Protect sensitive files with encryption. Only users with the URL will be able to view it. Security Safe and Sound All transfers are done

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Source: hosts/duktape/duktapeHost.js // The modSearch function is based on code from // The license is at, which refers to //