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Public domain software for processing and analyzing scientific images - ImageJ/ij/ImagePlus.java at master · imagej/ImageJ.


ImagePlus imp = IJ. getImage (); Script parameter (the same for Dataset, ImagePlus, etc.): #@ Img image In Java code: @Parameter private Img image; Using ImageDisplayService: Dataset image = ij. imageDisplay (). getActiveDataset (); Open an image file

Scripting basics

In ImageJ1 the image is represented by an ImagePlus object. The recommended way to select an ImagePlus object is to use Script Parameters: #@ ImagePlus imp #@ Integer(label='Filter radius',description='The sigma of the gaussian filter.',va

Uses of Class ij.ImagePlus (ImageJ API)

Opens the specified file as a tiff, bmp, dicom, fits, pgm, gif, jpeg or text image and returns an ImagePlus object if successful. static ImagePlus, IJ.

ImagePlus (ImageJ API)


Image Plus

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图片处理——图片处理工具ImageJ(转) - 耳易

图片处理——图片处理工具ImageJ (转) 一、ImageJ的图像剖析. ImageJ的 图像由三个部分组成:. 1、ImageProcessor对象实例:持有并提供了訪问像素的方法。. 2、Image对象实例:即java.awt.Image画在屏幕上。. 3、ImagePlus对象实例:包括全部的元数据(标题,属性 ...

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An ImagePlus contain an ImageProcessor (2D image) or an ImageStack (3D, 4D or 5D image). It also includes metadata (spatial calibration and possibly the ...

顶级图像处理软件 | Image-Pro Plus 6.0

THE START 今天分享一个近期后台小伙伴要求较多的软件—image Pro plus。Image-Pro Plus是一款图像分析软件被全球数千名研究人员使用,可以轻松获取图像,计算,测量和分类对象,并使工作自动化。该软件解决方案…