Myget is a downloader accelerator for GNU/Linux. It can speeds up your download, through using muti-connections to the host. The recent version 0.1.0 only supports one interface -- command-line, and the executable file is mytget, _NOT_ myget.Try "mytget --help" for more options.


   1. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols
   2. Supports HTTP-GET proxy
   3. Resumes the aborted downloads
   4. Supports directory download
   5. Can accelerates downloading through using muti-connections
   6. Supports large file( > 4G )


Mytget 0.1.1: A download accelerator for GNU/Linux
Usage: mytget [options]... [URL]...
  -b,  --debug          Show the debug message
  -c,  --count=num      Set the retry count to [num], no limit when "0", the default is "99" 設定失敗時的retry次數
  -d,  --directory=dir  Set the local direcotry to [dir], the default is "." 設定本地下載目錄
  -f,  --file=file      Rename the file to [file] 重新命名下載文件
  -h,  --help           A brief summary of all the options
  -i,  --interval=num   Set the ftp retry interval to [num] seconds, the default is "5"
  -n,  --number=num     Use [num] connections instead of the default (4) 多線下載,預設分四線
  -r,  --referer=URL    Include `Referer: [URL]' header in HTTP request. 加入refer的標記,若遇到防盜連使用
  -t,  --timeout=num    Set the connection timeout to [num] seconds, the default is "30"
  -v,  --version        Show the version of the myget and exit
  -x,  --proxy=URL      Set the proxy [URL] 透過proxy連線

若你通常都只使用「wget 下載網址」,那麼不如試試看使用「mytget 下載網址」,這樣就變成多線下載囉!不過這Command的介面也算是普普通通,若是要有漂亮的下載介面,可以參考我很久之前介紹的prozilla,介面好看程度至少也有個90分啦!


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