5 ways to Identify Fonts in a Web Page ???? - One Page Love, So you doing your thing browsing the web and stumble upon the slickest font combo but you can't identify the typeface? In this article I sh...
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  • What Font Is 線上字型辨識工具、字體名稱不求人

    常常看到好看的字型,想下載又不知道該如何搜尋?What Font Is 以圖找字,可以讓大家精準找到字型名稱之外,下載連結也準備給你了,大大縮短了知道字型名稱之後,再去尋找載點的時間,如果沒有找到字型的話,What Font Is 會提供... https://ez3c.tw/6134