Facebook Like Checker 追蹤粉絲專頁的粉絲都來自哪些國家

Facebook Like Checker 追蹤粉絲專頁的粉絲都來自哪些國家

經營粉絲專頁是件困難的事情,要有對的群眾就要有對的主題,粉絲才會逐漸累積,當然也聽聞不少粉絲團是買來的,那就可以透過 Facebook Like Checker 來檢查這些粉絲是來自於哪些國家,也算是粉絲團健康檢查的一種,對於廣告主來說,也更加能確認目標的國家是否是正確的,檢查出來的數據可以當成一種參考唷!

Facebook Like Checker:http://www.ershad7.com/FacebookLikeChecker/

Facebook 粉絲專頁粉絲來源國家查詢

首先當然是輸入自己的粉絲專頁網址,之後點選 Analyze。

Facebook 粉絲專頁粉絲來源國家查詢

分析過後會先顯示有多少人喜歡這個粉絲專頁,與告訴你粉絲遍佈了幾個國家,以及粉絲頁的 Page ID。

Facebook 粉絲專頁粉絲來源國家查詢


Facebook Like Checker:http://www.ershad7.com/FacebookLikeChecker/

Facebook Like Checker

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Not everyone on Facebook is who they claim to be. And while some of the fake info posted on the world's biggest social network is nothing more than a bit of harmless bragging, some of the fakers can be downright dangerous. Enter FB Checker, a free app


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Facebook Like Analyzer

Likes Analyzer Search for pages × » Page name: www.facebook.com/ Analyze New query 2D 3D ...

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看全文:Facebook Like Checker 查出FB 的「按讚」來源是哪些國家…. 圖檔名稱: Facebook Like Checker-02; 日期: 08-23, 2017; 檢視原尺寸圖檔: 1032 × 955.

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看全文:Facebook Like Checker 查出FB 的「按讚」來源是哪些國家…. 圖檔名稱: Facebook Like Checker-01; 日期: 08-23, 2017; 檢視原尺寸圖檔: 885 × 628 · 下一張.

Facebook Likes Check

Likes Analyzer. Search for pages. ×. » Page name: www.facebook.com/ Analyze. New query. 2D. 3D.

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LikeAlyzer helps you to measure and analyze the potential and success rate of your Facebook Pages. Get your review today! Analyze About Statistics FAQ Contact Español ...


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