WizMouse 不受多層視窗限制,滑鼠依然可以滾滾滾!

WizMouse 不受多層視窗限制,滑鼠依然可以滾滾滾!

大家用電腦時難免會遇到一些文件比對的工作,不同視窗切換來切換去真的很麻煩,而滑鼠的滾動至少要先 click 一下視窗才有辦法,若你常常有遇到這樣的問題,那麼就別錯過 WizMouse 這個小工具,包準讓你做事效率事半功倍!

這小工具的好處就是,當你滑鼠移到哪一個視窗上面,就可以控制視窗的捲軸,也就是可以透過滑鼠的滾輪捲動視窗,若希望捲動時該視窗跳到最上面那一層,只要將設定「Bring scrolling windows to foreground」勾選即可。這小小的工具減少了多click一下的小麻煩,又可以不受多層視窗的限制,大家趕快下載來體驗一下吧!

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Reverse mouse scrolling (if enabled) will no longer reverse scroll when the control key is down. This is the way Mac OS behaves.


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WizMouse, free download. Scroll the window under the mouse pointer with the mousewheel. No click needed. Review of WizMouse with a star rating, 1 screenshot along with a virus/malware test and a free download link.

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2009年2月4日 - Windows only: WizMouse is a handy little application that enables scrolling of non-focused application windows with your mouse wheel.

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WizMouse is a tiny free/donationware utility that has a single, simple, function--if you hover your mouse over an inactive window, and use the mouse scroll wheel, it will scroll that window while keeping it inactive. This can be a boon for anyone copying

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WizMouse makes your mouse wheel scroll the window under the mouse even if it's not active. You no longer have to click a window to scroll it. Buy ...

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